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Product name : Ultrasonic Card Packing Machine YUP-600
Item : YUP-600
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Ultrasonic Card Packing Machine YUP-600

Ultrasonic Card Packing Machine YUP-600 can realize perfect single-card or multi-card packing by applying continuous ultrasonic welding technology.    PLC controlled with friendly man-machine interface, it features fast speed, low noise, perfect welded pattern and reliable performance. It is applicable to pack cell phone charge card, standard and smaller SIM card in bulk.


Key Features

1.      Packing film is conveyed by special rubber wheel and air absorbing belt to ensure flat and stable film.

2.      It has the function of automatic checking for card overlapping and card absence. If the above occurs, it will stop automatically with error notice.

3.      The second feeder can be installed to pack double cards or insert the mini booklet in one bag.

4.      It applies the welding technology of continuous ultrasonic welding, which can ensure clear and beautiful sealing patterns or lines.

5.      Single-card packing or Multiple-card packing is available, and the number of cards to be collected can be set.

6.      Visual inspection system is optional, which can check the serial number or bar codes of the cards.


Technical Parameters:

1.         Power Supply: AC 380V/50 HZ                   

2.         Control Method: PLC programming+ Step System

3.         Total Power: 5KW                                       

4.         Operator: 1 person

5.         Air Source: 6 kg/c(Dry)                           

6.         Dimension: L3500×W1750×H1860mm

7.         Air Consumption: 50L/min                          

8.         Packaging Material: BOPP film or similar 0.025mm~0.035 mm thick

9.         Weight: Approximate 800Kg                       

10.      Card size: 0.25-0.8mm thick CR80 cards

11.      Speed: Max 6000 pcs/hr                             

12.      Packaging Size: Folded film 120 mm wide (for standard  card ) or 60mm wide (for half size card), Film roll inner diameter 3 inches and external diameter less than 450mm.

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